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2x6 Magnetic RJ45 Network Port , Conector Jack RJ45 750 Mating Cycles 1000Mbps Speed

2x6 Magnetic RJ45 Network Port , Conector Jack RJ45 750 Mating Cycles 1000Mbps Speed

    • 2x6 Magnetic RJ45 Network Port , Conector Jack RJ45 750 Mating Cycles 1000Mbps Speed
    • 2x6 Magnetic RJ45 Network Port , Conector Jack RJ45 750 Mating Cycles 1000Mbps Speed
  • 2x6 Magnetic RJ45 Network Port , Conector Jack RJ45 750 Mating Cycles 1000Mbps Speed

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Dongguan
    Brand Name: B-TOP
    Model Number: B59(169-85)GP8-170A-6023-C12

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
    Price: Negotiable
    Delivery Time: 20 days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 1000pcs/day
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    Detailed Product Description
    Gender: Female Port: 2x6
    LED: None EMI Spring: Yes
    Speed: 1000Mbps Insulation Resistance:: 500MΩ Min
    High Light:

    rj45 with integrated magnetics


    rj45 connector with magnetics

    2*6 PoE Magnetic RJ45 Modular Connectors 1000Mbps Transformer w/o LED

    Detailed Product Description:



    Meet or exceeds IEEE802.3 standard.

    Comply with RoHS.


    Main use:


    • Network Equipment: Modem, Hub, Switch, Router, Gateway, Firewall, Repeater, Bridge...


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    Part Number Ports Schematic PoE LEDs EMI
    B59(163-07)G8-10B-6023-C12 2x6 G8-10B   None Yes 6u"
    B59(163-09)G8-56-6023-C12 2x6 G8-56   None Yes 6u"
    B59(163-15)G8-28-6023-C12 2x6 G8-28   None Yes 6u"
    B59(163-19)G8-60-6023-C12 2x6 G8-60   None Yes 6u"
    B59(163-20)G8-60-6023-C12 2x6 G8-60   None Yes 6u"
    B59(163-22)G8-56H-6023-C12 2x6 G8-56H   None Yes 6u"
    B59(173-01)G8-28-6623-C12 2x6 G8-28   GO/GO Yes 6u"
    B59(173-09)G8-10-6223-C12 2x6 G8-10   G/Y Yes 6u"
    B59(173-12)G8-28-6223-C12 2x6 G8-28   G/Y Yes 6u"
    B59(173-15)G8-09-6223-C12 2x6 G8-09   Y/G Yes 6u"
    B59(173-19)G8-28-6623-C12 2x6 G8-28   GY/GY Yes 6u"
    B59(173-20)G8-101-6623-C12 2x6 G8-101   GY/GY Yes 6u"
    B59(173-22)G8-28-6623-C12 2x6 G8-28   GY/GY Yes 6u"
    B59(173-25)G8-10A-6723-C12 2x6 G8-10A   OG/OG Yes 6u"
    B59(173-28)G8-56A-6723-C12 2x6 G8-56A   G/Y Yes 6u"
    B59(173-29)G8-10-6223-C12 2x6 G8-10   G/Y Yes 6u"
    B59(173-39)G8-09B-6223-C12 2x6 G8-09B   G/Y Yes 6u"
    B59(173-40)G8-09D-6225-C12 2x6 G8-09D   G/Y Yes 30u"
    B59(173-43)G8-178-6623-C12 2x6 G8-178   YG/GY Yes 6u"
    B59(168-07)G8-10A-6323-C12 2x6 G8-10A   G/G Yes 6u"
    B59(168-08)G8-10A-6223-C12 2x6 G8-10A   G/Y Yes 6u"
    B59(168-10)G8-10A-6623-C12 2x6 G8-10A   GY/GY Yes 6u"
    B59(168-11)G8-56A-6623-C12 2x6 G8-56A   GO/GO Yes 6u"
    B59(168-12)G8-56A-6625-C12 2x6 G8-56A   GO/GO Yes 30u"
    B59(168-17)G8-10A-6323-C92 2x6 G8-10A   G/G Yes 6u"
    B59(169-02)GP8-103F-6023-C12 2x6 GP8-103F PoE None Yes 6u"
    B59(169-03)GP8-19A-6023-C12 2x6 GP8-19 PoE None Yes 6u"
    B59(169-05)GP8-19A-6223-C12 2x6 GP8-19A PoE G/Y Yes 6u"
    B59(169-06)GP8-115U-6023-C12 2x6 GP8-115U PoE None Yes 6u"
    B59(169-08)GP8-103A-6023-C12 2x6 GP8-103A PoE None Yes 6u"
    B59(169-10)GP8-19A-6123-C12 2x6 GP8-19A PoE Y/G Yes 6u"
    B59(169-12)GP8-19-6023-C12 2x6 GP8-19 PoE None Yes 6u"
    B59(169-21)GP8-149-6023-C12 2x6 GP8-149 PoE None Yes 6u"
    B59(169-24)GP8-19K-6023-C12 2x6 GP8-19K PoE None Yes 6u"
    B59(169-27)GP8-19B-6023-C12 2x6 GP8-19B PoE None Yes 6u"
    B59(169-30)GP8-19D-6123-C12 2x6 GP8-19D PoE Y/G Yes 6u"
    B59(169-31)GP8-139-6623-C12 2x6 GP8-139 PoE GY/GY Yes 6u"
    B59(169-33)GP8-19D-6123-C12 2x6 GP8-19D PoE Y/G Yes 6u"
    B59(169-35)GP8-19D-6623-C12 2x6 GP8-19D PoE GO/Y Yes 6u"
    B59(169-61)GP8-103A-6623-C12 2x6 GP8-103A PoE GY/GY Yes 6u"
    B59(169-64)GP8-109-6625-B92 2x6 GP8-109 PoE GO/GO Yes 30u"
    B59(169-66)GP8-19B-6223-C12 2x6 GP8-19B PoE G/Y Yes 6u"
    B59(169-79)GP8-103F-6123-C12 2x6 GP8-103F PoE Y/G Yes 6u"
    B59(169-81)GP8-189-6223-C12 2x6 GP8-189 PoE G/Y Yes 6u"
    B59(169-83)GP8-19B-6623-C12 2x6 GP8-19B PoE GO/GO Yes 6u"
    B59(169-85)GP8-170A-6023-C12 2x6 GP8-170A PoE None Yes 6u"
    B59(171-01)GP8-19A-6023-C12 2x6 GP8-19A PoE None Yes 6u"
    B59(180-01)GP4-162A-6023-C12 2x6 GP4-162A PoE None Yes 6u"
    B59(180-02)GP4-162A-6023-C12 2x6 GP4-162A PoE None Yes 6u"




    Electrical   Mechanical  
    Current rating: 1 - 1.5A Insertion force: 2 contacts---350g
    Voltage rating: 120 - 150V AC   4 contacts---500g
    Insulation resistance: 500MΩ Min   6 contacts---750g
    Withstand voltage: AC 1500Vrms 50Hz or 60Hz 1 Min   8 contacts---900g
    Contact resistance: 20mΩ Max   10 contacts---1050g
    PoE rating: 15W, 350mA, 84V (For PoE product only) Retention strength: 7.7Kg between jack and plug
        Durability: 750 mating cycles mini
    Housing: 1) glass filled PA66(ul 94v-0)
      2) glass filled PA46(ul 94v-0)
      3) glass filled PBT(ul 94v-0)
    Spring wire: 1) 0.45mm dia phosphor bronze gold plating over nickel
      2) 0.35mm thickness phosphor bronze alloy
      selective gold plating over nickel
    Shielding: 0.2mm thickness copper alloy with tin plated
    Gold plating: 3μ″,6μ″,15,μ″,30μ″,50μ″
    Working temperature: -40℃-70℃    
    Relative humidity: 70%±10% RH    


    Electrical Specifications at 25℃


    dB max
    Return Loss dB min Crosstalk(dB TYP) Common Mode Rejection
    (dB TYP)
    1-100MHz 1-30MHz 30-60MHz 60-80MHz 1-30MHz 30-60MHz 60-80MHz 1-50MHz 50-150MHz
    -1.0 -18 -16 -12 -40 -35 -30 -30 -20 1500

    Contact Details
    Dongguan BroadTop Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Contact Person: cheng.yang

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