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Straight DIP Half Shield POE Magnetic 8P8C RJ45 Modular Jack

Straight DIP Half Shield POE Magnetic 8P8C RJ45 Modular Jack

    • Straight DIP Half Shield POE Magnetic 8P8C RJ45 Modular Jack
  • Straight DIP Half Shield POE Magnetic 8P8C RJ45 Modular Jack

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Dongguan
    Brand Name: B-TOP
    Model Number: Magnetic RJ45 Jack

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: 1320pcs per carton
    Delivery Time: 10 work days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 5000 pcs/day
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    Detailed Product Description
    Gender: Female Mount: Side Entry,TH
    LED: No EMI Single: Yes
    Plastic: PBT Color: Black , Blue , Red
    Rated Current: 2A Max Business Type: Ethernet , Networking ,WAN
    High Light:

    8P8C RJ45 Modular Jack


    POE Magnetic RJ45 Modular Jack


    Straight DIP Magnetic RJ45 Jack

    Straight DIP Half Shield POE Magnetic 8P8C Modular Jack RJ45 Connector

    Detailed Product Description:



    100/1000 Base-T single port (1x1) RJ45 integrated connector module (ICM), designed to support Network Interface Cards (NIC), LAN-on-Motherboard (LOM), and PC applications.

    Product Introduction



    RJ45 is a type of connector commonly used for Ethernet networking. It looks similar to a telephone jack, but is slightly wider. Since Ethernet cables have an RJ45 connector on each end, Ethernet cables are sometimes also called RJ45 cables.

    The "RJ" in RJ45 stands for "registered jack," since it is a standardized networking interface. The "45" simply refers to the number of the interface standard. Each RJ45 connector has eight pins, which means an RJ45 cable contains eight separate wires. If you look closely at the end of an Ethernet cable, you can actually see the eight wires, which are each a different color. Four of them are solid colors, while the other four are striped.


    More Single Tab Donw RJ45 Modular Jacks


    Part Number Ports Speed Schematic PoE LED EMI
    B50(27)F4-135-A222-B52 1x1 100M F4-135   G/Y Yes
    B50(27-02)F4-42A-A223-B52 1x1 100M F4-42A   G/Y Yes
    B50(27-08)F4-42A-A213-B52 1x1 100M F4-42A   G/Y No
    B50(27-11)FP4-151-A623-B52 1x1 100M FP4-151 PoE GO/Y Yes
    B50(27-35)F4-42A-A213-B52 1x1 100M F4-42A   G/Y No
    B50(27-39)F4-42A-A223-B52 1x1 100M F4-42A   G/Y Yes
    B50(27-42)F4-17-A223-B52 1x1 100M F4-17   G/Y Yes
    B50(27-46)F4-03A-A123-B52 1x1 100M F4-03A   Y/G Yes
    B50(27-47)F4-42A-A213-B52 1x1 100M F4-42A   G/Y No
    B50(27-51)FP4-151-A613-B52 1x1 100M FP4-151 PoE GO/Y No
    B50(27-52)F4-42-A223-B52 1x1 100M F4-42   G/Y Yes
    B50(27-77)F4-63-A213-B52 1x1 100M F4-63   G/Y No
    B50(27-83)F4-42A-A213-B52 1x1 100M F4-42A   G/Y No
    B50(27-94)F4-42A-A323-B52 1x1 100M F4-42A   G/G Yes
    B50(27-97)PF4-235-A223-B52 1x1 100M PF4-235 PoE G/Y Yes
    B50(27-98)F4-42A-A223-B52 1x1 100M F4-42A   G/Y Yes
    B50(27-99)F4-03B-A213-B52 1x1 100M F4-03B   G/Y No
    B50(27-100)PF4-244-A115-B52 1x1 100M PF4-244 PoE Y/G No
    B50(27-103)F6-111-A223-B52 1x1 100M F6-111   G/Y Yes
    B50(27-112)F4-136-A223-B52 1x1 100M F4-136   G/Y Yes
    B50(27-115)F4-03A-A223-B52 1x1 100M F4-03A   G/Y Yes
    B50(27-117)PF6-96-A223-B52 1x1 100M PF6-96 PoE G/Y Yes
    B50(27-118)PF4-260-A223-B52 1x1 100M PF4-260 PoE G/Y Yes
    B50(27-119)F5-209-A213-B52 1x1 100M F5-209   G/Y No
    B50(27-121)FP4-235-A223-B52 1x1 100M FP4-235 PoE G/Y Yes
    B50(27-122)PF4-269-A123-B52 1x1 100M PF4-269 PoE Y/G Yes
    B50(27-128)PF4-182-A213-B52 1x1 100M PF4-182 PoE G/Y No
    B50(27-130)F4-42A-A113-B52 1x1 100M F4-42A   Y/G No
    B50(27-132)F4-60-A213-B52 1x1 100M F4-60   G/Y No
    B50(27-137)PF4-153-A123-B52 1x1 100M PF4-153 PoE Y/G Yes
    B50(27-138)PF4-153-A123-B52 1x1 100M PF4-153 PoE Y/G Yes
    B50(27-139)F4-24A-A123-B52 1x1 100M F4-24A   Y/G Yes
    B50(27-140)F4-17B-A123-B52 1x1 100M F4-17B   Y/G Yes
    B50(27-142)PF4-269-A223-B52 1x1 100M PF4-269 PoE G/Y Yes
    B50(29)F4-42A-A023-B52 1x1 100M F4-42A   None Yes
    B50(29-21)F4-214-A013-B52 1x1 100M F4-214   None No
    B50(29-26)F5-209-A013-B52 1x1 100M F5-209   None No
    B50(29-29)F6-228-A023-B52 1x1 100M F6-228   None Yes
    B50(29-30)F4-42A-A013-B52 1x1 100M F4-42A   None No
    B50(29-35)F4-03B-A023-B92 1x1 100M F4-03B   None Yes
    B50(29-40)F2-282-A023-B52 1x1 100M F2-282   None Yes
    B50(29-41)FP4-269-A023-B52 1x1 100M FP4-269 PoE None Yes
    B50(30-01)F4-42A-A003-C52 1x1 100M F4-42A   None No
    B50(30-07)F4-05-A003-C52 1x1 100M F4-05   None No
    B50(02-01)G8-09-A213-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-09   G/Y No
    B50(02-02)G8-09-A123-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-09   Y/G Yes
    B50(02-03)G8-09-A213-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-09   G/Y No
    B50(02-19)G8-113A-A023-B92 1x1 Gigabit G8-113A   None Yes
    B50(02-22)G8-09-A213-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-09   G/Y No
    B50(02-31)G8-91-A223-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-91   G/Y Yes
    B50(02-32)G8-09-A223-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-09   G/Y Yes
    B50(02-40)G8-81-A223-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-81   G/Y Yes
    B50(02-41)G8-140-A123-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-140   Y/G Yes
    B50(02-45)G12-142-A113-B52 1x1 Gigabit G12-142   Y/G No
    B50(02-55)G8-91-A613-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-91   G/GY No
    B50(02-58)G8-113-A223-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-113   G/Y Yes
    B50(02-59)G8-86A-A623-B92 1x1 Gigabit G8-86A   GY/GY Yes
    B50(02-60)G8-113A-A223-B92 1x1 Gigabit G8-113A   G/Y Yes
    B50(02-62)G8-40-A123-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-40   Y/G Yes
    B50(02-64)G12-130-A623-B52 1x1 Gigabit G12-130   OG/Y Yes
    B50(02-66)G8-98-A213-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-98   G/Y No
    B50(02-67)G8-140-A113-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-140   Y/G No
    B50(02-71)G8-09-A213-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-09   G/Y No
    B50(02-74)G8-107B-A113-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-107B   Y/G No
    B50(02-79)G8-81-A223-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-81   G/Y Yes
    B50(15-02)G8-09-A023-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-09   None Yes
    B50(15-10)G8-27-A013-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-27   None No
    B50(15-11)G8-157-A023-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-157   None Yes
    B50(15-12)G8-157-A024-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-157   None Yes
    B50(15-16)G8-09-A013-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-09   None No
    B50(15-22)G8-140-A013-B52 1x1 Gigabit G8-140   None No
    B50(30-10)G8-207-A003-C52 1x1 Gigabit G8-207   None No
    B50(30-11)G12-210-A003-C52 1x1 Gigabit G12-210   None No
    B50(87-01)F4-42A-B223-B52 1x2 100M F4-42A   G/Y Yes
    B50(87-02)F4-42A-B123-B52 1x2 100M F4-42A   Y/G Yes
    B50(87-05)F4-42A-B223-B52 1x2 100M F4-42A   G/Y Yes
    B50(87-09)F4-03A-B123-B52 1x2 100M F4-03A   Y/G Yes
    B50(87-12)F4-42A-B223-B52 1x2 100M F4-42A   G/Y Yes
    B50(87-17)F4-42A-B025-B52 1x2 100M F4-42A   None Yes
    B50(87-21)F4-42A-B213-B52 1x2 100M F4-42A   G/Y No
    B50(87-22)F4-280-B123-B52 1x2 100M F4-280   Y/G Yes
    B50(87-01)F4-42A-B223-B52 1x2 100M F4-42   None Yes
    B50(88-08)PF4-151-B023-B12 1x2 100M PF4-151 PoE None Yes
    B50(88-10)F4-42A-B023-B52 1x2 100M F4-42A   None Yes
    B50(88-12)PF4-151B-B223-B12 1x2 100M PF4-151B PoE G/Y Yes
    B50(88-15)PF4-222-B323-B12 1x2 100M PF4-222 PoE G/G Yes
    B50(88-16)PF4-222A-B323-B12 1x2 100M PF4-222A PoE G/G Yes
    B50(91-02)F4-136-B213-B52 1x2 100M F4-136   G/Y No
    B50(79-01)G8-09-B123-B52-BT 1x2 Gigabit G8-09   Y/G Yes
    B50(79-11)G8-09-B213-B52 1x2 Gigabit G8-09   G/Y No
    B50(79-15)G8-09-B225-B52 1x2 Gigabit G8-09   G/Y Yes
    B50(79-16)G8-09-B223-B52 1x2 Gigabit G8-09   G/Y Yes
    B50(90-03)G8-09-B025-B52 1x2 Gigabit G8-09   None Yes
    B50(147-19)F4-42A-C223-B52 1x4 100M F4-42A   G/Y Yes
    B50(147-29)F4-42A-C225-B52 1x4 100M F4-42A   G/Y Yes
    B50(154-08)F4-03A-C213-B52 1x4 100M F4-03A   G/Y No
    B50(154-09)F4-42A-C025-F52 1x4 100M F4-42A   None Yes
    B50(154-10)F4-42-C013-B52 1x4 100M F4-42   None No
    B50(135-11)G8-140-C023-F52 1x4 Gigabit G8-140   G/Y Yes
    B50(146-11)G8-09-C223-B52 1x4 Gigabit G8-09   G/Y Yes
    B50(146-13)G8-27-C213-B52 1x4 Gigabit G8-27   G/Y No
    B50(146-16)G8-28B-C213-B52 1x4 Gigabit G8-28B   G/Y No
    B50(146-18)G8-09-C223-B52 1x4 Gigabit G8-09   G/Y Yes
    B50(146-19)G8-110-C223-B52 1x4 Gigabit G8-110   G/Y Yes
    B50(146-20)G8-09-C613-B52 1x4 Gigabit G8-09   G/O No
    B50(146-22)G8-09-C223-B52 1x4 Gigabit G8-09   G/Y Yes
    B50(146-23)G8-113-C213-B52 1x4 Gigabit G8-113   G/Y No





    Electrical   Mechanical  
    Current rating: 1 - 1.5A Insertion force: 2 contacts---350g
    Voltage rating: 120 - 150V AC   4 contacts---500g
    Insulation resistance: 500MΩ Min   6 contacts---750g
    Withstand voltage: AC 1500Vrms 50Hz or 60Hz 1 Min   8 contacts---900g
    Contact resistance: 20mΩ Max   10 contacts---1050g
    PoE rating: 15W, 350mA, 84V (For PoE product only) Retention strength: 7.7Kg between jack and plug
        Durability: 750 mating cycles mini
    Housing: 1) glass filled PA66(ul 94v-0)
      2) glass filled PA46(ul 94v-0)
      3) glass filled PBT(ul 94v-0)
    Spring wire: 1) 0.45mm dia phosphor bronze gold plating over nickel
      2) 0.35mm thickness phosphor bronze alloy
      selective gold plating over nickel
    Shielding: 0.2mm thickness copper alloy with tin plated
    Gold plating: 3μ″,6μ″,15μ″,30μ″,50μ″
    Working temperature: -20℃-70℃, -40℃-85℃    
    Relative humidity: 70%±10% RH    


    Electrical Specifications at 25℃

    Insertion Loss dB max: 1-100MHz , -1.0

    Return Loss dB min:

    1-30MHz , -18

    30-60MHz , -16

    60-80MHz , -12

    Crosstalk(dB TYP):

    1. 1-30MHz , -40

    2. 30-60MHz , -35

    3. 60-80MHz , -30

    Common Mode Rejection (dB TYP)

    1-50MHz : -30

    50-150MHz: -20






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